For Protection


Your word tells me of Your unfailing love and that I can take refuge under Your wings. Thank You for loving me in my coming and my going. Thank you for sending Jesus to be my constant companion. I have felt the presence of the angels You have dispatched to be by my side through trials in 2017.

Now, Lord, please guide me in the way You want me to go in 2018. The workers are few and the harvest is great. Make me Your instrument and protect me from any evil that may want to stop me from spreading the gospel and ministering to Your children.

 You are my rock. You are my harbor in the storm. I love You, Lord, and I praise Your holy name,

In the name of Jesus,


For Our Children


We praise You, Holy Father, for who You are and for sending Your son to save us from our sins. We know we are sinners and repent. Please forgive us where we fail You. We receive Your mercies and accept Your forgiveness. We forgive ourselves where when think we haven't measured up.

You tell us in Ecclesiastes that "..a threefold cord is not quickly broken." We band together to make a strong threefold cord, me as a parent, the intercessor at Under the Father's Wing Ministries, and Jesus Christ. Our strength is found in You, Lord. Give us strength to carry on our day to day tasks so that we have the energy to teach our children about You. Give us wisdom and make us encouragers of our children. Help us not to provoke our children to anger. We rely on You, Lord, to put the right words in our mouths at the right time. Give us wisdom to know when not to speak at all. 

Give my spouse and I unity and the ability to be in one accord on issues of parenting. Give us a hunger for You and for Your word so that we may pass that on to our children...that we will hide Your word in our hearts and teach our children to do the same.

Father, we know You love our children even more than we could ever love them so we surrender them to You, Lord. Help us get out of the way so Your will may be done.

In the name of Jesus,

Amen and Amen

For Guidance

Father God,

I praise You. I love You Lord and want my thoughts and actions to be pleasing to You. Thank You, Father for sending Your son Jesus to die on the cross to redeem me from my sins.

Send Your Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and guide me in my hour of need. Father, "I cry out to You; make haste to me! Give ear to my voice when I cry out to You" is what You tell us in Psalms 141:1.

 I stand on the promise You have given me that You will always be with me. I cry out to You for guidance; guide me Holy Spirit in Your ways. Help me make the decisions necessary right now that will honor and glorify You, Lord.

Decisions are not always easy for me, but with the assurance that You will never leave me or forsake me I move forward toward the mark. I will keep my eyes on Jesus with the confidence that You will be a lamp unto me feet. I trust You, Heavenly Father, and I surrender this situation to You for You are a sovereign God and Your ways are higher than my ways. I put it all in Your hands. Ease my mind and my heart. Give me peace, O God, not as the world gives, but as You give. I praise You and thank You for all You do in my life and will sing Your praises, giving You the glory for the wisdom used in this situation. I love You, Lord.



I have done so many bad things. How can God forgive me? 

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